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Build with the power of DocAI

DocAI is an API-driven platform that enables you to implement contracts AI into your applications, without requiring development from the ground-up.

AI fields built and trained by experts over the past 10+ years

Our AI identifies and extracts 1,300+ common legal clauses, provisions and data points from a variety of document types.

Our AI is a low-code experience for all

Easily train new fields without the need for a data scientist. All you need is subject matter expertise.

Flexible and scalable

Flexible deployment options in the Zuva hosted cloud or on prem, across multiple geographical regions.

Reliable, expert-built AI our customers can trust

Over 1,300+ out of the box AI fields that are built and trained by experienced lawyers and subject matter experts. Fields identify and extract common legal clauses, provisions and data points from unstructured documents and contracts, including ones written in non-standard language.

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