Bankruptcy/Recession Planning — Credit Agreements

Using Zuva, lenders, agents, borrowers and other interested parties can easily assess their options and exposure under credit or other loan agreements in response to challenging economic conditions. Zuva can readily find key provisions relating to debt capacity, cure rights, events of default and termination rights under these agreements. In the bankruptcy context, lenders and agents can efficiently review provisions in credit or other loan agreements affecting their security interests in borrower’s property, as well as certain terms in intercreditor agreements, such as those affecting their right to receive post-petition interest, the provision of debtor-in-possession financing and restrictions on seeking relief from the automatic stay.

The AI fields in this group are optimized for use on credit, loan and facility agreements as well as intercreditor agreements.

The 89 fields included in this group include (but are not limited to):

  • Default for Cross Default/Acceleration
  • DIP Financing — Intercreditor Agreement
  • Financial Covenants — Credit Agreement
  • Indebtedness Covenant
  • Interest Payment Dates
  • Material Adverse Change Representation — Credit Agreement
  • Relief from Automatic Stay — Intercreditor Agreement
  • Right to Post-Petition Interest — Intercreditor Agreement

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