Bankruptcy/Recession Planning — Real Estate Leases

Using Zuva, landlords, tenants, and real estate investors can easily assess their options and exposure following adverse market events. Zuva can readily find parties’ respective termination options under leases, lender rights in the event of a rejection of the lease in bankruptcy, and force majeure clauses that may impact the parties’ performance obligations. In the bankruptcy context, debtors and trustees can efficiently determine the term of leases, their ongoing cost, and the specifications about the leased premises and any purchase options under the lease.

The 50 fields included in this group include (but are not limited to):

  • Address of Premises
  • Base Rent
  • Default or Termination for Bankruptcy/Insolvency — Lease
  • Force Majeure (Lease)
  • Initial Term
  • Late Payment and Grace Period
  • New Lease (Lender Right)
  • Operating Covenant — Lease
  • Purchase Options and Rights of First Refusal/First Offer — Lease
  • Unilateral Tenant Termination Rights — Lease

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