Change Control/Change Management


This AI field captures the process for managing changes to the products or services provided under an agreement, including pricing changes, and notice and/or consent requirements for such changes. This AI field captures related definitions, such as "Change Order", "Change Request", and "Engineering Change". This AI field does not capture amendments to an agreement, which is captured by the Amendment AI field.


  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States (California, Delaware, Florida, and New York)

Document Types

  • 33% Service Agt
  • 25% Supply Agt
  • 13% IP Agt
  • 11% Business Transaction Agt
  • 6% Equipment-Related Agt
  • 4% Governance Agt
  • 4% Distribution Agt
  • 4% Other


  • Bankruptcy/Recession Planning — General Commercial
  • General Commercial
  • IP and Licensing
  • Procurement


  • 100% English