Notification Upon Data Breach


This AI field captures a party's obligation to notify the other party upon a data breach and what information must be included in such notice, if stated. This AI field captures related definitions, such as "Security Breach", "Security Incident", and "Security Event". For data protection addenda, this AI field also captures notification obligations in the event of a court order or other action seeking access to data.


  • Canada
  • United Kingdom (England)
  • United States (California, and New York)

Document Types

  • 52% Service Agt
  • 28% IP Agt
  • 14% Supply Agt
  • 4% Distribution Agt
  • 2% Other


  • Data Protection
  • General Commercial
  • IP and Licensing
  • Procurement
  • SaaS Agreements


  • 100% English