Obligations to Follow System Requirements


This AI field captures the franchisee’s operational obligations to manage the franchise in accordance with the franchise system requirements. This includes obligations related to day-to-day operations, products and services, repairs and maintenance, staffing and management, the franchise manual, computer systems, internet usage, and others. This AI field does not capture obligations related to franchise development and construction, marketing, intellectual property and use of marks, compliance with laws, permit and licensing, fees, audit and inspections, financial reporting and taxes, or insurance. For those obligations, it is recommended that you use existing AI fields covering those specific obligations.


  • Canada
  • United States (Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New York, Ohio, and Texas)

Document Types

  • 91% Distribution Agt
  • 4% Other
  • 3% Service Agt
  • 2% Press Release


  • Franchise Agreements


  • 100% English