Pre-Emptive Rights - Articles & Bylaws


This AI field captures pre-emptive rights, being the rights of existing security holders to participate in new issuances of company securities. This AI field is intended to be used on Articles and Bylaws. To capture pre-emptive rights within Shareholders' Agreements, the "Pre-emptive Rights" AI field should be used.


  • Canada
  • Cayman Islands
  • China
  • Israel
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom (England, and Wales)
  • United States (California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, New York, and Ohio)

Document Types

  • 85% Minute Book Material
  • 6% Governance Agt
  • 4% Policy
  • 3% Other
  • 2% Business Transaction Agt


  • Articles and Bylaws


  • 100% English