AI Trainer

Build custom AI fields for your organization

If you can’t find the right field from our 1,300+ built-in AI fields, AI Trainer enables your subject matter experts to build custom AI fields that you can easily publish to DocAI.

No Code

Create custom AI fields without the need for a developer or data scientist

Intuitive Interface

Any subject matter expert can simply highlight text for the system to learn to find


Train on confidential documents in a private and secure environment

Get started with AI Trainer

Upload documents

Gather documents you want to train AI fields on, which should be representative of the document types you intend to use the custom trained AI fields. Easily upload multiple documents or entire folders simultaneously.

Create AI fields

Create AI fields by giving each AI field a name, adding a description, any collaborators, jurisdictions and tags.

Annotate documents

Add AI fields to documents and highlight the relevant language that you want the AI fields to capture.

Review suggestions

After training 10 documents, AI Trainer will generate suggestions that you can choose to accept or edit which can then be added to training.

Publish AI fields to DocAI

Once you’re happy with how the AI fields are performing, easily publish the AI fields to DocAI at the click of a button.

AI Training Best Practices

There are some key practices and considerations when it comes to building an effective AI training discipline. To learn more, watch the AI Trainer Webinar with Zuva’s Sr. Manager of Legal Knowledge Engineering, Resa Jacob and CEO, Noah Waisberg.

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