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Welcome to Zuva's DocAI developer documentation site! This site provides documentation and support for DocAI's RESTful programming interface. With DocAI, you can embed Zuva’s best-in-class machine learning technology to build solutions that can capture the most important insights from your documents, spur productivity, and ensure seamless integration with your IT structure.

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API Reference

Explore Zuva’s core capabilities that have been disaggregated from other Zuva capabilities, allowing you to more easily mix-and-match Zuva APIs you need for your development efforts.

Choosing Fields

Included in Zuva DocAI is a library of Zuva’s built-in fields. Manage access to the fields, used to extract content and concepts from your documents.

Building Solutions

Imagine the solution possibilities Zuva can be used to unlock the value in your document data. See ways that your solution can be successful.


Discover useful tools and libraries to help you consume DocAI.

Using the APIs

Discover how to use DocAI, including reference information, used to develop using the APIs.

Building with Zuva DocAI

Easily Capture Value in a Third-Party Contract

Save time and money when negotiating third-party papers by integrating Zuva’s powerful machine learning directly into your workflows and application, through APIs

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Improve the Procurement Process

Make better decisions during the procurement process. Analyze contracts and supplier agreements. Extract data such as payment terms, indemnification and other clauses during evaluation and negotiation stages.

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Make Document Migration Process Seamless

Implement an efficient document migration process. Classify documents, maintain metadata and extract required data points in the migration of documents to a central repository.

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