Token Management

As we manage endpoint authentication and authorization through access tokens, you need an API token to access DocAI services. The API token must be included in the Authorization Bearer header when you make a REST call to the endpoints of DocAI.

Tokens can be created and revoked in the dashboard of DocAI. Any user can have an API token, but token creation/revocation permission is available only to administrators.

Each API token is associated with a specific region, so you need one API token for each region you want to use DocAI.

How to Create an API token

  1. Login the Zuva Dashboard
  2. Click ‘Create Token’
  3. Choose a Region
  4. Enter a memorable and concise Name (and Description, if you like) for your token
  5. Click ‘Create’
  6. Click Copy to clipboard, then paste the token to your script, or elsewhere to save

Token Creation Screen


  • For security reasons it isn’t possible to view the token after closing the creation dialog; if necessary, create a new token.
  • You should store the token securely, just as for any password.