Building Solutions

Solutions have become more complicated and entangled in the enterprise world where they are dealing with multiple applications running on multiple platforms in different locations, and instead of integrating applications yourself, you expect to have native integrations.

Zuva is looking forward to working with you to build a successful solution. Here are a few tips that will ensure this journey is a success:

  • Build your solution at your own pace. It is important that you do not rush your solution.
  • Leverage the DocAI documentation to learn about Zuva’s capabilities and how to build successfully. During your development cycle, please use the support tools at your disposal.
  • Get your design checked. If you have questions more specific about the API’s, workflow design, or use-case review please reach out to us. It’s not mandatory, but highly recommended, to have your use-case discussed with a Zuva technical solution consultant before you begin your development. This will ensure the most efficient and effective process is used for your solution.

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