What APIs are included?

The new “micro-service” REST APIs are service specific, where Zuva’s core capabilities have been disaggregated from the other Zuva capabilities allowing you to more easily mix-and-match the Zuva APIs you need for your development efforts. In addition, the APIs are workflow independent, meaning all business logic concepts (such as Projects, Worksheets, User Management, etc.) have been removed, allowing for a more flexible integration into your products.

Zuva DocAI consists of a set of core and helper REST APIs, including:

  • File Cache - Uploader helper API that allows you to temporarily upload documents in Zuva to perform various types of processing (extraction, OCR, or classification). These documents are then removed from Zuva when no longer needed.
  • Extraction - Analytical models (fields) are applied to previously uploaded documents to extract meaningful insights from your documents
  • OCR - Process your document through the OCR service and retrieve either the entire document text or ZIP file that contains an images of each page for your document.
  • Document Type Classification - Retrieve the document classification by determining the type of document and if the document is a contract or not
  • Document Language Recognition - Determine the predominant language in your document by analyzing the document text and structure.
  • Fields - Retrieve the available fields for your access token so that you can find the types of content to extract from your documents.

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