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Best for small contract review projects or ongoing contract analysis.

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Get custom pricing for medium-large contract review projects or ongoing large-scale analysis.

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  • Create custom AI fields in AI Trainer
  • Build custom workflows


  • Reliable data security and privacy protocols
  • SOC2 Compliant


  • Upload unlimited contracts
  • Store unlimited extraction results
  • Export extraction results

Build with the power of Zuva API

Use the API only version of Zuva to add Contracts AI to your applications.


Perform the following API calls and submit:

  • 25 Files
  • 25 Classification Requests
  • 25 Language Requests
  • 25 Extraction Requests*

Usage resets daily. *With a maximum of 10 fields per request.

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Train new AI fields using our UI based training product

If the out of the box functionality doesn't meet your needs, AI Trainer allows your subject matter experts to train AI fields to meet your use case needs.

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