IBOR for Credit Agreements & Indentures

Zuva is able to help financial institutions and investment funds with the daunting task of reviewing enormous volumes of contracts to determine which of them are impacted by the LIBOR transition scheduled by 1 January 2022.

The smart fields in this group are optimized for use on either credit, facility and loan agreements or for use on bond indentures.

In addition to common fields such as, title, parties and date, the 46 fields included in these groups include (but are not limited to):

  • Inability to Determine Rates/Market Disruption
  • LIBOR Fallback Mechanism — Credit Agreement
  • Majority Class Approval
  • Interest Rate — Bond Indenture
  • LIBOR Initial Determination — Bond Indenture
  • Unavailability of Screen Rate/Absence of Quotation — Bond Indenture

The 3 answers smart fields in these groups include the following:

  • Does the agreement contain an interest rate floor?
  • Does the agreement contain an inability to determine rates/market disruption provision?
  • Does the agreement contain an unavailability of screen rate/absence of quotation provision?

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