Recession Planning — ISDA

Zuva helps parties to ISDA agreements respond to challenging economic conditions by allowing them to efficiently identify key provisions relating to transactions governed by the agreement, the entities subject to the agreement, and the events of default and termination provisions of the agreement.

The smart fields in this group are optimized for use on the schedules to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association Master Agreement.

The 33 fields included in this group include (but are not limited to):

  • Additional Termination Events
  • Calculation Agent
  • Events of Default — ISDA
  • Multibranch Clause
  • Netting of Payments
  • Notice Addresses — ISDA
  • Set-off — ISDA
  • Termination Currency

The 4 answers smart fields in this group include the following:

  • Is there a credit ratings downgrade provision?
  • Is the credit event upon merger provision inapplicable to both parties?
  • Does the agreement reference SOFR?
  • Does the ISDA Schedule contain a change in ownership provision?

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