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Utilizing Zuva’s patented machine learning technology, you can quickly extract concepts, data points, and answers for any number of use cases with high efficiency and accuracy, not previously possible with traditional rules-based systems.

What are smart fields?

Smart fields are the core to Zuva’s intelligence, and store AI model relationships between different words and concepts, and finds where those concepts appear in documents. These smart fields are trained by experienced lawyers and subject matter experts using our software to provide extraction of information covering a variety of use cases, such as M&A, finance, bankruptcy, real estate, and more. With a virtually limitless library of smart fields, instantly identify and extract key information for your use case, including over 1,200 built-in ready-to-use smart fields provided by Zuva, build your own custom trained models, or models made available by service partners through sharing server.

1,200+ pre-built smart fields for a variety of use cases

Executive Employment Agreements

The smart fields in this group are optimized for use on executive employment agreements within the context of due diligence.

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Franchise Agreements and Franchise Disclosure Documents

The smart fields in these groups are optimized for use on franchise agreements and franchise disclosure documents, as applicable.

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Data Protection

Zuva helps organizations respond quickly and cost-effectively to data protection compliance requirements, including the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

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Can’t find the smart field you are looking for?

Build Your Own

Build Your Own

AI Trainer is our UI-based training product that allows your subject matter experts to create their own smart fields to meet the needs of your clients or business.

Pre-Built From Service Partners

Pre-Built From Service Partners

We can connect you with service partners that have built hundreds of smart fields that capture provisions, clauses, data points, and answers, and are willing to share.

Have It Built

Have It Built

Your success is our goal. Zuva will work with you and your business to find a service partner to custom build a smart field to meet your needs if one does not exist.

More information on smart fields

Science Behind Zuva

At Zuva, we believe science and technology are advanced through the ongoing, free dissemination of research and best practices. Read papers that explore the science behind Zuva and our technology.

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More About Use Cases

Learn about the various use cases, and specific smart fields that have been created by our team of experienced lawyers, accountants, and subject matter experts.

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Explore Documentation

Check out the documentation for Zuva DocAI. Explore how to access Zuva’s built-in field library using the Admin Console, or navigate to wide range of topics including API endpoints, getting started, or best practices.

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